1. a.    Scientists’ findings reveal that many animals will start speaking one day

The scientists’ studies indicate that at any time to come ahead, many animals will start speaking in any language, being spoken on the earth.  It can be a decade, a century or many centuries, yet the animals would learn the language capabilities. The study further adds that dogs and wolves will start speaking English, squirrels will be speaking in Spanish, fishes will talk in German, and cats of all types would speak in French.  You may need to wait for the virtual pronouncement of this news, at any specific time in future.

  1. b.    No need to use your own hands to wash your head

Panasonic has produced a Robotic Bed that proves helpful to join a wheelchair into bed, thus this discovery is attracting the attention about this latest invention – the hair washing robot.
This hair washing robot that is designed by Panasonic with the primary aim of supporting the care providers in the clinics and hospitals, adds robotic hand mechanism coupled with 16 fingers which are employed to wash hair and remove the shampoo bubbles from the head.

  1. c.    Needless to take the sticks now, using of a device will lead the visually impaired people

 This innovative technological discovery can be considered, one of the best latest inventions that would prove a remarkable headway in providing substantial support and comfort to the visually impaired people during moving outside.
This latest invention is named as VIA (Visually Impaired Assistant) that is designed and produced by Noam Klopper.  Its usefulness is that, it needed to be put on both hands.  As the device is added with 4 mini sized cameras as well as a GPS handset.  The latter assists the user to avoid the obstacles that come across during moving.

  1. d.    Latest Bus wouldn’t use fuel, yet would run by electric charge

The new electric bus dubbed as “Aggie bus” at Utah State University, USA would run without electric wires. Entirely dissimilar to the contemporary electric bus mechanism, this highly innovative bus wouldn’t only pick its passengers at the bus stop, even it would pick the electric charge for its batteries by applying the Tesla effect, and it would run, and carry its passengers to the next stop without demanding for electric support in midway. Thus sooner it’ll reach to the next stop it’ll pick or unload the passengers and by getting sufficient electric charge and it’ll start moving ahead to the next stop.

  1. e.    Are you ready to go to space on a pleasure trip, then arrange US$200,000

Wonderful!!! There was a time, when people were merely thinking and now the time has reached to travel to space. Yes that is entirely true. You can travel to space on a pleasure trip, yet you may need to reserve an amount of over US$200,000 to aboard the Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo.

That isn’t sufficient, before embarking upon the tour to space, you may need to complete few important pre-conditions related to health fitness, which range from insomnia-to chronic conditions, such as cardiac issues, minor-motion illness, osteoporosis, and so on.

All these health related issues would be required to fully control before proceeding to space. Such space tourists would also require completing the NASA’s stringent astronaut training sessions. If you are a determined passenger of space travel, then go ahead and get a health check up and be a member of gym, and make yourself entirely attuned with the conditions of health fitness for space trip.

Now you can, apply to Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo owners and operators, to give you a specific date, to embark upon the space travel and follow on their guidelines.