English is the language that is commonly spoken across the world, so it would be difficult to name any country, where English isn’t spoken that means English is increasingly proving the global language and the language of all people, across the globe. Thus, without having knowledge of English language, one can’t think of any advancement in his respective field of life. To learn English language, exclusively in areas like, speaking, writing, as well as listening, which may prove the best means to help you speed up on your career ladder, go through the following guidelines:

  1. a.    The role of English in diversified fields

Let us have a look, why English is so essential, whereas we can also handle all matters in Urdu as well? English is important in formal education exclusively the subjects related to science and technology, during the professional life, to get the command of dexterity on computer usage, internal and external communication and correspondence in any official ambiance, for letter and application drafting, and report writing either.

English language’s significance can be measured from this fact that in case you are traveling to any unfamiliar city or country, and you aren’t conversant to the languages, being spoken in that area. You have the option to communicate in English. That means, English is not only useful for formal education or commerce and trade or whilst using latest technological gadgets and appliances, like mobile, computer, and so on, even its productive during travel to any new destination across the world, and above all its very vital for professional career development either.

  1. b.    How English language skills can be improved?

To achieve fluency in speaking, you can get admission in any reputed English language training centre, where you will get a good ambiance to enhance your speaking skills. Besides, you should communicate frequently with others, during the chats with mats, inside or outside the classroom with your class fellows, whilst you are busy in discussing matters of common interest with your pals by having a tea or coffee at any cafeteria, so on and so forth.

To advance your writing skills, it’s recommended to be an avid reader of English literature; literary books, magazines, dailies, fictions, poetry, and whatever you study try to improve your vocabulary. Whilst improving your English vocabulary, you also focus on writing on any topic of your interest either it’s an essay, a personal note, a commercial letter, an official report, a technological review, an article for any magazine or website.  Make writing or drafting, part of your daily schedule, then you can surely improve your writing skills.

To enhance your English listening comprehension, you should listen to English audios and videos so that these means would be helpful to speed up your capabilities of listening.