Privileges and Incentives

1.     Introduce and highlight the members:

a.     On our site

b.     In our Johar MAG – a monthly magazine being published by JF.

c.     Members associated with JF can use the title of Joharian.

2.     Hanging Card, showing Membership would be provided to the members:

3.     Free JOHAR MAG to all members

4.     Professional support, if needed, e.g. CV fine tuning, profile updating, and career counseling.

5.     Free Membership of Johar Library and Museum, to get updates on the current national affairs, current world affairs, general history, Islamic history, literature, science & technology, and so on, to increase their knowledge.

6.     Opportunity of taking admission in the training courses, on discounted fee offered by the chartered academy (a training institute run under the banner of JF) to the members and their children, who can’t afford the exorbitant fee of other training institutes.

7.     Opportunity to get Johar award or Johar shield for making any achievement in any exclusive field

8.     Great opportunities to participate in different contests to increase their skills, build the confidence, and prove the leaders in their respective fields, like, talent hunting shows, debate contests, quiz contests, spelling bee contests, essay writing contests, Hamd & Naat Contests, Qirat Contests, and so on.

9.     An Exclusive Incentive for Members: all ticket-driven functions, seminars/workshops, conventions, ceremonies, and events held by JF, would be availed on 50 percent discount by members of JF, while non-members would pay full ticket.

10.  An Exclusive Incentive for Members: Privilege Card (similar to ATM CARD) would be provided to members, and they can avail the discount offered by the contracted departmental stores.

11.  An Exclusive Incentive for Members: During our different events, we would hold draws that could enable them to cash different cash prizes, and one may get Umrah ticket gift.

12.  An Exclusive Privilege for Members: Scholarship/s would be awarded to those students who would secure the highest marks in their annual examinations of SSC, HSC, and higher classes.