President’s Message

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President’s Message

I am deeply delighted to note that JF is continuously striving to promote its causes, such as, paying tribute to the great Muslim leader Maulana Muhammad Ali Johar for his legendry services, closely working towards establishing Johar University – as a national level research institution, talent and research promotion through the platform of Talent of Pakistan [TOP] Club, delivering the Johar awards to the talented youths and professionals of our country; either who are holders or would hold Nobel Prize, Oscar Award, Guinness Book of World Record, and so on, dispensing the Johar shields to those who would play their best role or offer contribution in any area to our NGO.

We are not limited to these noble goals, yet we are also focusing to reorganize and upgrade the Johar Museum and Library that is being run under the banner of JF (by restocking literary books, images, and videos), holding of ‘Talent of Pakistan Expo’ each year, running and managing the Chartered Academy – a training institute on its strong footing, providing of virtual financial credit (Qarz-e Hasna) to disadvantaged and deserving people particularly the breadwinners, extend every possible support for the infrastructure development of Gulistan-e Johar, and above all holding of many other important events annually at this metropolis which may directly or indirectly prove helpful for the talent promotion cause that is aimed towards the youths and professionals of our nation and country.

Besides JF also focuses on other events including social, cultural, educational, health, and sports, such as, Flood Relief Camps, Medical Camps, Mushairas, Iqbal Day, Independence Day, Defence Day, Youm-e-Takbeer, Youm-e-Babul Islam, Arfa Karim Day, so on and so forth.

JF has completed its second decade, and entered into the third decade whilst making remarkable headways in different areas, such as regularly and continuously holding of yearly Johar Day on 4th January.

This event is aimed to offer our exclusive homage to the great Leader of Indian Muslims – Maulana Muhammad Ali Johar, in recognition of his exemplary services he had rendered for the Indian Muslims whilst fighting to get their `rights as well as to liberate the Indian Muslims from the brutal policies of the then British Government which were imposed on the poor segment of the India in general and on the Indian Muslims, in particular.

Johar Foundation has made substantial endeavors to continuously publish its Newsletter that covers very important topics of common interest which are having areas of productivity and usefulness for the careers of our youths and professionals, by regularly going through these publications they can enhance their level of knowledge and understanding about their career advancement, current and world affairs, views and news on social, commercial, and educational developments of our country, and above all the coverage of events being held by JF.

Although, the website of Johar Foundation was already prepared a couple of years back, yet some important restructuring and refining were mandatory to make the site in line with the changing needs of the time. Thus we have developed a website that is entirely in harmony with the latest global benchmarks coupled with its content that is redefined in a manner that is absolutely in consonance to the conceptual framework of the JF.

Johar Foundation has again made reasonable advancement about its Johar Museum and Library by restocking a lot of books, periodicals, magazines, maps, images, and other vital literature relating to many other areas of interest, in general, and related to Maulana Muhammad Ali Johar, in particular.

A couple of months back, we have inducted Mr. S. U. Baig as Content Editor and Media Manager, to assist us in streamlining the activities related to website, Johar Mag, office correspondence, and all sorts of report making for Johar Foundation, including reorganizing and restructuring the thematic approach of Johar Foundation, thus he has made remarkable breakthroughs, since he has joined our organization. We anticipate that, with his professional backstopping, we would steadily move forward to make many other milestones by achieving the causes, set forth by the mentors of the JF, in the time to come ahead.

Dr. Arshad Masood
Cell: 0300 212 0240

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