To continuously remain scaling upon the career ladder is possible by increasing your professional worth and value in your exclusive domain of life.  Never look to backside, make yourself engaged by polishing your abilities, talents, and skills sooner you luckily avail any opening. Never stop, always try to learn something as well as increasing your marketable skills.

Make learning your lifelong partner

To successfully advance on your career ladder, you need to make yourself in line with the changing needs of the time, and keep yourself abreast with the new developments and advancements of the new era, most exclusively update yourself about the latest scientific and technological advancements of the current era.

Update your Scientific and Technological Skills

Keep a good log of your major life accomplishments, yet with the increasing advancements in scientific and technological domain, it has proved that, the past skills, particularly in the domain of IT are going to obsolete with the passage of time, so everyone is vitally needed to update himself or herself otherwise, the latest technological skill-set demand would terribly phase out you from your specific field of activity, within a twinkle of an eye.

Advance your skills to prove a multi-dimensional employee

In a scenario where downsizing in the companies is quite obvious, at such critical time, in case you are multi-dimensional then you can survive and could retain your present job, otherwise there are risks of relieving from the job.

Try to get the training courses, in varied domains in which there is too much demand in your current organization, as when you would update yourself then you could be given promotion on higher roles, in view of your advanced skills, abilities, and capabilities.

You can join an organization to acquire new skills, by availing the opportunity of working as a volunteer, as many institutions are offering such openings.  This can be a great source to enrich your capabilities and dexterities.