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Editor’s Message

JF feels pride for successfully completing its second decade, by rendering its meritorious services for the nation and country, whilst presenting its contribution in diversified fields of life, such as, yearly holding of Johar day on 4th January – to highlight the contributions of legendry and revolutionary Indian Muslim leader, by paying tribute for his greater services, he had rendered for the cause of Indian Muslims, pre-partition movement, and above all his sacrifices to get the rights for the Indian Muslims from the then British government.

Since the formation of JF, it has made reasonable advancement that is possible by the personal efforts of Dr. Arshad Masood, President, Johar Foundation with the financial aid or professional support of our well wishers , thus it’s truly laudable to further the cause of a foundation, by its founder President along with few of his dedicated team members.  Now it’s the best time, to come forward by the kind hearted and affluent segment of our society, for the promotion of various noble causes of JF, which have already proved tremendously fruitful and useful for the development of the area.

JF has upper edge over other NGOs for conceiving unique ideas, which have proved exceptionally productive for the youths and professionals of our country.  Some major examples of development of JF is that, JF has focusing on its mandate to promote the talent and research by unveiling the hidden potentials of youths of our country, and to achieve this objective, JF has held massive events, conferences, and ceremonies to give awards and shields to deserving people, who have made outstanding achievements in their respective fields of life.

Amazingly, we have conceived highly innovative ideas in the current year, thus JF is willing to contribute the nation and country as well as the humanity in social, intellectual, and professional areas as much as possible. To promote these exceptional projects, well off people and donor agencies are invited to come forward, to extend maximum support for the projects, like, establishment of Johar University, Johar Mag, Annual Johar Award to record makers in any field.

In addition to it, JF has other objectives, like, Annual Johar Shield would be dispensed to those, who have made an achievement in any specific area, or contributed for our NGO, supported for Virtual Support Fund [VSF], in other words Qarz-e Hasna, supported for Talent Promotion Fund [TPF] that is being utilized to convene massive year-long events, conferences, and mushairas to give opportunities to the youths and professionals, to come forward to demonstrate their abilities and capabilities, and lastly to support for Disaster Relief Fund [DRF], so on and so forth.

S. U. Baig
Content Editor & Media Manager
Cell: 0332 220 5474

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