Johar Foundation (JF) – a registered NGO, was established with the primary aim of giving tribute to Maulana Muhammad Ali Johar – an eminent and legendary leader of Muslim world – for his illustrious services he had rendered during Pakistan Movement as well as his sacrifices to liberate the Indian Muslims from the brutalities against them by the then British government.

JF further aimed to help and support talent & research to unveil hidden potential of youth and professionals of our nation and country, as it’s only possible by reinvigorating their current skills by applying their imagination so that they could prove innovative discoverers, creative thinkers, modern scientists, acclaimed philosophers, distinguished poets, academic models, renowned artists, sports record makers, as well as the high achievers through Guinness Book of World Records, Oscar Awards, and Nobel Prizes, and so on. To achieve these higher and noble aims, JF is keenly striving to establish a research institution, namely “Johar University.”

JF has been publishing “Johar Newsletter” – a publication that isn’t a glamour-oriented newsletter, it’s a cause-driven literary work which means through this effort, coupled with, its award and shield dispensing events and ceremonies, the talent of younger generation of our nation could be promoted by applying highly pragmatic and viable strategies.

JF has established “Johar Library and Museum” by sufficiently stocking and adding the literary books, periodicals, magazines, dictionaries, catalogues, maps, and images related to varied topics, in general, and most particularly our focus is on Maulana Muhammad Ali Johar.  This compendium of books, maps, and pictures would give first hand information on different topics including the achievements and history of Maulana Muhammad Ali Johar.

JF feels pride to record here that it has massive truly zealous, highly educated, and experienced volunteers and professionals, who are rendering their time for the promotion of causes of JF.  JF feels immense happiness to say that JF always extends its honor and admiration to its dedicated members, by lending entirely unique, very impressive, and fruitful privileges, which also include awarding of Johar Shields, to our devoted members, at our yearly events, such as, Yearly Talent of Pakistan Expo, and other conventions as well.  Details can be seen on the membership link.

JF contrary to the conventional approach of creating mere youth workforce, we are interested to transform the youths as visionaries, as the primary purpose of education is to enable them to understand their roles and responsibilities and above all their importance as a student, as a professional, as a scholar, and above all as a leader. This could further be helpful to consider themselves as the distinguished human beings, in other words, as leaders so that they couldn’t suffer in their lives, yet to face the social and economical challenges with a broader vision, bold courage, and could easily come out of the issues they may come across, at any stage by dint of the vision and modern enlightenment, we may give them.