23rd March 2015 – Platinum Pakistan Day

Johar Foundation has made the aim to hold all national days, with a view to give awareness to our youths and professional about these national days, as these national days are having exclusive history in its background.

Hence, keeping this perspective in mind, our forthcoming event is 23rd March 2015 to mark the Pakistan Resolution (also known as Qarardad-e Pakistan). At this most exclusive day, our distinguished personalities and eminent statesmen of pre-partition Pakistan movement – under the banner of All India Muslim League held an most exclusive meeting in 1940 that started on 22nd March and lasted to 24 March at Minto Park (now named as Iqbal Park) Lahore.

At this historical day – 23rd March our illustrious leaders passed a resolution that became the constitution of Muslim League in 1946 and that further led to be the primary reason, to demand an independent country, with the name and fame of Pakistan.