5) Mathira (From Showbase)
After a great research ..we finally know that people started to hate Mathira as their vulgar TV show on vibe tv and then many time she has been seen in short dresses in many songs that her all body as well as her breast. ..which made a great impact on the people from the point of view of hatness

4) Ayyan Ali (From Showbase)
Ayyan now also called a Dollar Girl.She is been hated by the people after her involvement in the moneylendering and some of the people aslo said that she is Asif Zardari (former President Pakistan) ‘s wife or girlfriend and blaw blaw…that lead her good personality to made very bad

3) Qaeem Ali Shah(Cheif Minister Karachi) Qaeem has been tge top rated hated people of Pakistan. .some .He is illeliterate and very careless person as well as very corrupt C.M..He doesn’t fullfil his duties what he should do..that made his personality too bad and made hated person in the country.

2)Nawaz Shareef(Prime Minister Pakistan)Nawaz is the current Prime minister of Pakistan and at the current time his corruption is lead to all government corruption and money lomdering..whatever he wants to do Metro bus , Orange line train …these all are only frauds that provide facilities to very few people and made lack of facilities for the majority of people. ..specialy the Karachi city that generates 70 % revenue of the country need him but he doesn’t provide any favour and facility towards it but also tries many time to stop their funds…every one says why nawaz Shareef why u do this because he wants to expand his business in all over the world
Currently his factories, companies and money are stored in following countries including pakistan
INDIA, SAUDIA ARABIA, UK,US BANGLADESH and currently he also trying to expand his business in Sri Lanka

1)Asif Zardari (Former President Pakistan)

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