ACCA Syllabus and Papers

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The ACCA syllabus consists of 14 papers divided into four levels: Knowledge – 3 papersSkills – 6 papersEssentials – 3 papers options – 2 papers from 4 Knowledge This module, which includes papers F1 to F3, is the starting point on your way to achieving your ACCA qualification. Once you’ve passed all 3 papers, you can […]

top 5 Hated Personality in pakistan

On January 11, 2016, in Uncategorized.

5) Mathira (From Showbase) After a great research ..we finally know that people started to hate Mathira as their vulgar TV show on vibe tv and then many time she has been seen in short dresses in many songs that her all body as well as her breast. ..which made a great impact on the […]

What is MUN?

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What is MUN? In Model United Nations, students step into the shoes of ambassadors from U.N. member states to debate current issues on the organization’s vast agenda. Student “delegates” in Model United Nations prepare draft resolutions, plot strategy, negotiate with supporters and adversaries, resolve conflicts, and intensly navigate the United Nations rules of procedures, as […]

Top 10 Film Countries by Box Office

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10) Brazil $800m Brazil is considered to have the most accessible film industry amongst the so-called high-growth emerging BRIC nations (Brazil, Russia, India, and China). 9.) Spain $900m Plagued by the economic woes of a shrinking market, rampant piracy, subsidy cuts, Spain’s film industry is down on the list.          8.) Italy $1.01bn Italy is another […]

The 10 Richest Corporations on Earth

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The 10 Richest Corporations on Earth Anyone born in the last 50 years can easily confirm that no matter what you’ve been told by some insipid reality show or obnoxious website, we’re all just waiting for the day when someone we know starts screaming ‘SOYLENT GREEN IS PEOPLE!’ as a harbinger for the end of […]

PSL 2016

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PSL Schedule Date/Time Match Result Thu Feb 4D/N 1st T20 – Islamabad vs Quetta Dubai N/A Fri Feb 5D/N 2nd T20 – Karachi vs Lahore Dubai N/A Fri Feb 5D/N 3rd T20 – Peshawar vs Islamabad Dubai N/A Sat Feb 6D/N 4th T20 – Quetta vs Karachi Dubai N/A Sat Feb 6D/N 5th T20 – […]

Top Universities of Pakistan

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Top Ten Universities of Pakistan nstitute of Business Administration (IBA), Karachi – Ranking #10 Institute of Business Administration, Karachi Logo (Top 10 Universities in Pakistan)Institute of Business Administration is a university in Karachi, Pakistan. Pakistan ranking #10 in the Pakistan top universities. It’s motto is “Leadership and Ideas for Tomorrow“. It was established in 1955. […]

Role of English language to speed up Career Advancement

On January 20, 2013, in Articles, Blog, English.

English is the language that is commonly spoken across the world, so it would be difficult to name any country, where English isn’t spoken that means English is increasingly proving the global language and the language of all people, across the globe. Thus, without having knowledge of English language, one can’t think of any advancement […]

Major success Factors of the Professional Life

On January 19, 2013, in Articles, Blog, English.

Success is the topic that is massively discussed by the youths and professionals of current era, yet it isn’t that much easy to follow the ingredients being discussed upon.  The majority of the professionals succeed in their professional lives, and many lag behind owing to not following properly on their career track. There are few […]

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